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SRVA Regionals - Atlanta

2018 SRVA Regional Championships - Atlanta final standings:

14-1 WHITE - 30th (out of 100 teams)

15-1 WHITE - 17th (out of 84 teams)

15-2 BLACK - 38th (out of 84 teams)

16-1 WHITE - 29th (out of 80 teams)

17-1 WHITE - 5th (out of 41 teams)

17-2 BLACK - 17th (out of 41 teams)

We couldn't be more PROUD of our athletes and coaches! To have all of our participating teams in Championship and Silver Playoffs at Regionals is quite an achievement (and this goes for 12-1 WHITE/13-2 BLACK and 13-1 WHITE whose age divisions for Regionals was last weekend!) What a fantastic cap to the season!

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